Guys and girls gone mild for spring break

Spring Breakers fill the beach near Destin, Fla. Walton County in the Florida panhandle has typically been more of a family destination, but as nearby Panama City Beach has become more crowded, officials have seen in increase in the number of college students spending their spring breaks on Walton County beaches. (AP Photo, Devon Ravine)

WASHINGTON- For young people across the country it’s spring break this week, but while this rite of passage typically brings images of debauchery, many guys and girls are going not so wild.

Bartenders in Key West tell The New York Times one in 10 still acts like spring breakers of the past, but for the most part young people are in control.

“They are so afraid everyone is going to take their picture and put it online,” bartender Margaret Donnelly told The New York Times.

“Ten years ago people were doing filthy, filthy things, but it wasn’t posted on Facebook.”

Fear of photos and video ending up on social networking sites plays a role in this low-key demeanor, and some students say they don’t want to be caught with a drink in their hands since they’ll someday be looking for jobs — not to mention being Facebook friends with their parents.

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