Golfers: Would R2D2 make a good caddy? (VIDEO)

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WASHINGTON – Here’s a gift idea for the golfer who has everything: A robot caddy.

And now, it’s available — for a price.

Caddytrek, the self-professed “next generation of golf carts,” is an automated caddy that follows golfers footsteps on its own and avoids obstacles.

According to the product’s website, the Caddytrek is silent, and follows golfers’ tee to tee, up hills and over small curbs. It’s billed as compact and lightweight, and manufacturers say it is easy to unfold and refold.

The robot was invented in China, but has recently made its way to golf courses on the East Coast.

It works by responding to a small receiver that is worn on the golfer’s belt. It’s rechargeable and stays charged for up to 27 holes.

The machine has its drawbacks, however. It won’t find a ball in the rough or hold a pin for putting.

On the flip side, it won’t expect a tip at the end of the round.

It’s for sale for a mere $1,600. Check out video of the gadget below:

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