Germantown man sentenced after deadly toilet dispute

WASHINGTON – A Montgomery County man was convicted Monday of voluntary manslaughter after killing his roommate in a fight over a clogged toilet.

A jury handed down James Biddinger’s fate on Monday afternoon, The Washington Post reports, after deliberating the peculiar deadly confrontation he had with his townhouse roommate, 22-year-old Kevin Mbayo, who was killed by a stiletto-style knife to the back.

It’s unclear exactly what occurred, particularly since Biddinger, 27, did not take the stand during the trial. One juror tells the Post there was a lack of evidence that would point to premeditated murder. The only words they heard from the defendant were constrained to a video of Biddinger telling detectives he never meant to hurt his roommate.

The incident took place on May 3, 2011 when Biddinger returned to his Germantown home with two friends. He found a toilet clogged and a strong odor. Carrying the folding-style knife, he then sought out Mbayo, who was lying on a couch.

Police started receiving 911 calls, reporting a loud domestic disturbance.

Biddinger faces up to 10 years in prison.

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