Fairfax County is planning for transit in 2050

Hank Silverberg, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – It’s hard to think what the region’s transit might look like in 38 years.

In the 1950s Walt Disney and others envisioned a 2050 transit system with monorails, flying vehicles and automated cars.

The technology could very well exist by then but practical application may be much further off.

Fairfax County is thinking ahead – looking for practical ideas for future transit projects. Transit officials are asking residents if there should be more Metro stops, light rail, streetcars or more buses with dedicated lanes in its future plans.

The future of transit survey is being conducted by the county’s transportation department, according to Ellen Kamilakis.

“This isn’t for five years from now. We’re aiming for 2050,” Kamilakis said.

How to pay for future transportation is also part of the survey.

“It’s not just simply transportation modes we’re looking at,” Kamilakis said. “It’s an overall sort of holistic approach to how we’re going to be able to get around Fairfax County in the future.”

The county will publish the results of the study in 18 months.

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