Classes can help job seekers become social media-savvy

Becoming Facebook-friendly and acquainted with other social media sites can help some job seekers. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

Max Smith, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – Those who don’t know a “poke” from a “DM” could be in trouble when looking for a new job.

In many fields, a key requirement for anyone applying for a position is an understanding of social media. That includes popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as newer photo bulletin board Pinterest and location check-in service Foursquare.

There are a variety of classes offered online to get novices up to speed, as well as affordable, in-person classes in the D.C. area.

For example, Montgomery County’s adult education classes run by Montgomery College include offerings this spring of short, six-hour courses on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Applications for less than $100 each.

Fairfax County’s Adult and Community Education program includes a class this April on social media networking and marketing for just $59.

But the first lesson is free, from WTOP: A “poke” is something sent to friends on Facebook to get their attention. “DM” is short for “Direct Message,” which is a private message sent on Twitter that is only visible to the person receiving it.

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