WTOP Commentator Chris Core cries ‘fowl’

Commentary from Feb. 24

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 4:25 am

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Chris Core, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – For the last four years, I have been doing commentary on WTOP. I have discussed some weighty and controversial topics on everything from war to abortion to religion.

But nothing ever got as much reaction as did Thursday’s commentary on chicken farming in Arlington.

Seems “urban farming” has a pretty big fan club around here. But what really got the email and phone calls pouring in was my reference to roosters being involved in the egg-making process. Of course, this was wrong. I meant to say the “chicken-making process.”.

This is especially embarrassing because I grew up in Iowa, spent summers on my uncle’s farm, and even worked in his hen house.

So, the yolk is on me, I have egg on my face.

While I still think chicken coops in residential neighborhoods are a bad idea, I apologize to anyone whose feathers were ruffled. I hope I corrected my mistake to your satisfaction in Friday’s commentary.

Sloppy writing is never a Core Value.

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