Truecar.com takes the negotiating out of car buying

Dick Uliano, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – Imagine a world where car buying does not include haggling over the price.

Truecar.com promises to give users the “real price” of a car so buyers don’t have to negotiate in the showroom.

For generations car buyers would search around town for the car they want, then try to strike a deal with a sales representative.

Truecar.com offers the assurance that buyers will know what others have paid for the same model, and the site’s “target price range” helps you determine what you can expect to pay at a truecar certified dealer.

A search for a make or model at the website provides the target price range, including a “good price,” a “great price,” and an “above market” price — the price that would be too much to pay.

Perhaps most critical, the range also reveals “below cost” — the price the dealer paid for the car.

If the target price fits your pocketbook you can click on “locate dealers” and you’ll be emailed selling prices by various dealers in your area certified by true car.

The site provides pricing for new and used cars.

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