See Venus in broad daylight

Greg Redfern,

WASHINGTON – Did you know that it is possible to see Venus in broad daylight?

The key is to have Venus as far from the Sun and its glare as possible and have a bright blue sky. It also is a big help when you have a celestial beacon nearby such as the Moon to help you spot the second planet from the Sun.

Today is a day to try and spot Venus.

Find the crescent Moon in the sky around 1 p.m. or later and then using the diagram below, courtesy of Sky & Telescope Magazine, look for Venus.


Use binoculars to help zero in on the Moon and then Venus but make sure you look with your own eyes so you can exclaim to all that you saw Venus in broad daylight.

Tonight is the night to get out and see the spectacular Venus-Moon conjunction in the west after sunset. I’ll have pics if the weather cooperates. Try taking your own pictures using your DSLR and a tripod.

As an added bonus the Moon will be near Jupiter, the bright “star” diagonally above and to the left of the Moon and Venus, tomorrow night.

Clear skies and good hunting!

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