Metro leader gets, then refuses, bonus

Adam Tuss,

WASHINGTON – The Metro Board of Directors recently offered General Manager Richard Sarles a performance bonus because of his accomplishments over the past year. But before any numbers could even be discussed, Sarles turned down the bonus offer.

During a Board meeting Thursday, Chair Cathy Hudgins heaped praise on him.

“By any measure, Mr. Sarles has been successful on all fronts,” said Hudgins.

“Mr. Sarles has set about restoring public confidence in WMATA, by not only communicating more, but also listening better to our customers.”

Hudgins listed areas where she noted improvement under Sarles’ watch, including safety, security, on-time performance, escalator maintenance, rehab of the system, integrity and customer service.

“The board is very pleased with the partnership we have established with the general manager over the past year and look forward to our continued work together to develop WMATA’s strategic plan,” Hudgins said.

Pressed by reporters about his bonus offer, Sarles wouldn’t go into much detail.

“To me, the recognition was all that was important,” he said.

Sarles said he will look at the performance of each member of his executive leadership team to determine whether any of them should get a bonus.

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