Feline candidate enters Virginia race for U.S. Senate (VIDEO)

Hank\'s campaign slogan is \'\'Milk in every bowl.\'\' (Courtesy Hank For Senate)

Hank Silverberg, wtop.com

SPRINGFIELD, Va. – There’s a new candidate running in Virginia, and to say he’s finicky about his politics is an understatement.

He has a campaign ad, lawn signs, a website, Facebook page and a slogan: “Milk in every bowl.”

His name is “Hank,” and he is a former street cat from Springfield, Va.

“Hank” describes himself in a news release as a “proud independent with real world experience.”

Rescued from euthanization by animal rescue group Animal Allies, Hank says his biggest campaign issue is low-cost spaying and neutering for the homeless animal population.

It’s not clear if the campaign is a protest over the actual candidates on the ballot or a farce, because “Hank” himself is not talking.

WTOP reached out to his campaign, and nobody there is talking either. But you can see Hank’s first campaign ad below:

This is the same U.S. Senate race that includes former governors George Allen and Tim Kaine.

In the interest of full disclosure, though “Hank” shares a name with the author of this story, there is no connection between them. Follow Hank Silverberg and WTOP on Twitter.

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