109 rescued dogs: Where are they now?

Annette Washington says she and Whisper instantly connected. (WTOP Photo/Kate Ryan)

Kate Ryan, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – They arrived by truck days before Christmas. More than 100 dogs used as breeding stock at a puppy mill in Arkansas were taken in by the Washington Animal Rescue League.

On the day they arrived, they were matted, filthy and some were sick. It took an army of staffers and volunteers the better part of two days to unload, tag and medically assess the dogs and puppies in assembly line fashion.

Months later, they are doing just fine.

Seventy-six of the dogs have been adopted and 10 were transferred to breed rescue groups who will place them in permanent homes. Jim Monsma, Chief Communications Officer for WARL says that leaves 23 dogs still looking for placement. Some of those aren’t available yet because they’re still undergoing medical attention.

Monsma says a small miniature pinscher mix named one Chamomile came in with a leg that had been broken, but was never treated. She underwent a complicated surgery to correct the leg and is still healing. She’ll be ready soon, along with 22 of her doggie buddies.

“So if you’d like to be a hero, this is a wonderful opportunity,” Monsma says.

Annette Washington took the opportunity to be a hero when she visited WARL. A miniature pinscher mix named Whisper called to her. What was the attraction?

“We just kind of connected,” she said.

Washington wasn’t looking for any particular breed, but “when I saw her, and she sat in my lap, that just kind of solidified the whole thing.”

You can check out all the critters up for adoption at WARL here.

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