Daytime naps could ruin a good night’s sleep

WASHINGTON – A nap sure sounds good when you feeling like you’re dragging during the day, but think again before taking that snooze.

People with insomnia should avoid naps during the day, says Health.com. Even a little power nap can cut down on nighttime slumber.

“Even just a little bit of a power nap reduces your nighttime sleep drive,” Ralph Downey III, PhD, director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Loma Linda University Medical Center in California, tells Health.com. “The nap becomes nothing more than another episode of fragmented sleep.”

Those who have no trouble sleeping at night, could benefits from naps, however. They can improve memory and lower blood pressure.

If you work overnight hours and suffer from shift-work syndrome, which leaves people very sleepy during their waking hours, a nap can help reboost your system.


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