Chances slimming for big snow storm

Past snows forced drivers to abandon cars. (WTOP File)

John Aaron,

WASHINGTON – The chances of the region getting a big snowstorm are getting slimmer by the day. Nevertheless, some major snow is still a possibility, according to ABC 7 Chief Meteorologist Doug Hill.

Hill says the lack of snow comes down to one simple factor: warmer-than-average temperatures. Since cold spells are only lasting for a few days, there have been very few times when the conditions were right for snow to fall. When storm centers do form, the area is left with rain or a wintry mix.

For those who fear nightmarish commutes and school closings, Hill says it’s already the point in the year when average temperatures start to increase. Hill sees the current trend of warm temperatures continuing into mid-February.

But D.C., Maryland and Virginia aren’t out of the woods just yet. If the right factors come together, the region could be blindsided with the kind of winter weather that’s been seen the past couple of years.

“All you have to do is get a period of time, a day or two, where it’s significantly below average temperatures, and get a storm to come by at that time,” Hill says. “And we’re in the ballgame for a snowstorm.”

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