‘Angry Brides’ takes aim at illegal dowries

Shaadi.com says more than 8,000 women are reported to have died dowry-related deaths in 2010. (Graphic courtesy of Shaadi.com)

WASHINGTON – Move over “Angry Birds” and make way for “Angry Brides.”

The matrimonial site Shaadi.com launched the takeoff of Angry Birds last week through its Facebook page.

The free app has already attracted more than 273,00 fans.

The game takes aim at the illegal practice of demanding dowries in many South Asian countries, Reuters reports.

The practice has been illegal for five decades but still leads to violence against women, and even murders.

In the game players try to hit three grooms — a pilot, a builder and a doctor with weapons that include a stiletto shoe, a frying pan, a broomstick, a tomato and a loafer.

A bride who hits one of the grooms reduces the demands of a dowry.

To get the game, go to Shaadi.com’s Facebook page.

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