Lawbreakers getting second chances from Maryland lawmakers

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Bills giving law-breakers a chance to get back on their feet are making progress in the Maryland General Assembly — and with bipartisan support.

The legislation ranges from removing certain mandatory minimum sentences to restoring voting rights to ex-offenders once they leave prison.

Even Gov. Larry Hogan has publicly backed one bill that would shield certain non-violent offenses from the public eye.

Some critics have voiced concern not enough is being done for the victims of crimes, but advocates for the various bills say that reducing some sentences and providing opportunities for ex-criminals contributes to overall public safety and benefits to a community.

  • R A.

    Marieland – soft on crime, coddler of criminals.

  • Haricot

    As long as they keep the criminals on their side of the Potomac….

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