Horror diet: Shed pounds with scary flicks

A new study finds that watching horror flicks can actually help you lose weight.

Jason Fraley, WTOP film critic

WASHINGTON – Forget Jenny Craig. “Here’s Johnny!”

A new study by the University of Westminster finds that watching 90 minutes of cinematic horror can burn up to 113 calories, The Telegraph reports.

That’s about the same as a 30-minute walk or burning off the equivalent of a chocolate bar.

Researchers measured the heart rate, oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output of 10 people as they watched various horror flicks.

They found that adrenaline surges lowered appetite, increased metabolism and burned a higher number of calories.

Who knew that a glass of “red rum” could help you lose weight?

I have just one question: where are the fava beans and “nice Chianti”?

Happy Halloween.

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