Business advocates to rally in support of prison contract

WASHINGTON (AP) — Advocates for the minority business community in the nation’s capital are set to rally in favor of a prison health-care contract that has exposed divisions among city leaders.

Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser has asked the D.C. Council to approve a contract with Corizon Health to provide health services to the city’s inmates. But many council members oppose the contract, citing litigation and complaints about Corizon in other states. Corizon is the nation’s largest for-profit correctional health provider and is under growing pressure around the country after losing five state prison contracts.

For the District of Columbia contract, Corizon would partner with a local firm. Local businesspeople and their supporters will rally Tuesday in favor of the deal, saying it would help the city’s economy and save taxpayer dollars.

  • Haricot

    Murial got her fat envelop of cash and now she has to deliver the goods to Corizon, despite the fact they’re as crooked as the prisoners they serve.

  • DC Guy

    If they want to save taxpayer dollars they should move the prison to the middle of BFE in MD

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