Intelligence Community spared DoD furloughs

Department of Defense employees working in the Intelligence community will likely avoid furloughs, an Intelligence official tells WTOP.

Tuesday - 05/14/2013, 09:22pm EDT

Syrian rebels deny using chemical weapons

The United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry for Syria is "wrong" about reports the Syrian rebels have used chemical weapons, according to a rebel spokesman who accuses the organization of not being trustworthy.

Tuesday - 05/07/2013, 10:01am EDT

Terrorists suspected of using U.S. 'asylum' system

As federal law enforcement authorities question the parents of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and detain some of their friends, new information is emerging about a tactic terrorists allegedly are using to slip into the U.S.

Monday - 04/29/2013, 07:29am EDT

Expert: Boston suspects eluded 'broken system'

A former top CIA covert operative tells WTOP the Tsarnaev brothers were not amateurs.

Thursday - 04/25/2013, 09:18am EDT

Mali lawmaker begs for help from U.S.

The only female member of Mali's parliament representing the northern part of the country is pleading for help from the United States in the midst of a battle against al-Qaida fighters.

Monday - 04/01/2013, 12:21pm EDT

Column: Reflecting on the Iraq War, 10 years later

In May of 2006, WTOP National Correspondent JJ Green went to Iraq for the first time. He came home a different man.

Tuesday - 03/19/2013, 03:33pm EDT

Spy in the Sky: A close encounter

On March 5, a drone came within 200 feet of a Boeing 777, leading to a momentary scramble to determine the origin and coordinates of the drone.

Monday - 03/18/2013, 12:18pm EDT

Syrian conflict complicates U.S.-Iraq relations

The spillover of violence from Syria tops a list of growing concerns that a delegation of senior Iraqi officials are in Washington to discuss. The officials suggest that Iraq's security is threatened by the stalemate between the Syrian government and the rebels.

Wednesday - 03/06/2013, 08:29am EST

The challenges facing Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

JJ Green, WTOP National Security Correspondent

Thursday - 02/28/2013, 03:38pm EST


One day before potential sequester, damage is already done

J.J. Green, WTOP's national security correspondent

Thursday - 02/28/2013, 11:03am EST


Officials: Sequester could compromise U.S. intelligence gathering

A trial in the United Kingdom last week exposed al-Qaida's new strategy for attacking the U.S.

Tuesday - 02/26/2013, 04:46pm EST

Al-Qaida is less splash and more plots

JJ Green, WTOP National Security correspondent

Tuesday - 02/26/2013, 12:55pm EST


Counterterrorism agency working against the clock

Officials at the National Counterterrorism Center in D.C. are working around the clock, piecing together information to fend off future terrorism attacks.

Tuesday - 02/19/2013, 06:54am EST

President Hamid Karzai bans Afghan security forces from airstrikes during operations in residential areas

JJ Green, national security correspondent, WTOP

Monday - 02/18/2013, 05:33pm EST


What worries the U.S. about North Korea's latest nuclear test

JJ Green, WTOP national security correspondent

Saturday - 02/16/2013, 12:55am EST


Stuxnet attack offers lesson for U.S. energy industry

The Stuxnet attack offered a lesson for the U.S. energy industry, requiring nuclear facilities to review what protections they had in place.

Friday - 02/15/2013, 10:47am EST

North Korea throws another monkey wrench

J.J. Green, national security correspondent

Tuesday - 02/12/2013, 06:21pm EST


North Korea's nuclear weapons test was no surprise

J.J. Green, WTOP's national security correspondent

Tuesday - 02/12/2013, 10:19am EST


Will Brennan give Congress answers as CIA head?

J.J. Green, WTOP national security correspondent

Friday - 02/08/2013, 10:50am EST


Who is leaking info on drone strikes?

WTOP's National Security Correspondent J.J. Green

Tuesday - 02/05/2013, 11:57pm EST


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