U.S. braces for 'new' terror threats

State Department documents indicate that combating far-flung, well connected "new terrorist threats will require innovative strategies, creative diplomacy and stronger partnerships."

Monday - 01/16/2012, 05:16am EST

2012 ushers in fear of 'blended' terror attacks

The quantity, quality and variety of terror attacks grow with each passing year and that's led to growing angst among intelligence officials around the world.

Thursday - 01/12/2012, 09:06am EST

Defense cuts: A shift in strategy or decision to get weaker?

J.J. Green, WTOP national security correspondent

Thursday - 01/05/2012, 06:43pm EST


State Department upgrades counterterrorism team

J.J. Green, national security correspondent

Thursday - 01/05/2012, 08:23am EST


Tensions continue to escalate with Pakistan

J.J. Green, WTOP national security correspondent

Tuesday - 01/03/2012, 07:44pm EST


Why did Iran carry out naval maneuvers near the strait?

J.J. Green, WTOP's national security correspondent

Monday - 01/02/2012, 07:23pm EST


N. Korea fires short-range missile: 'Don't mess with us'

J.J Green, WTOP National Security Correspondent

Monday - 12/19/2011, 06:13pm EST


Missing American's captors cover their tracks

Former FBI agent Robert Levinson, missing in Iran for more than four years, appeared in a video that may have been doctored to conceal his true location.

Monday - 12/19/2011, 02:40pm EST

Pakistani official says NATO raid was no mistake

NATO says the raid that killed 24 Pakistani troops on Nov. 26 was a mistake. But Pakistani officials Thursday say a mistake was "impossible."

Thursday - 12/15/2011, 03:14pm EST

Holder: Iranian murder plot was 'serious'

In an exclusive interview, Attorney General Eric Holder talks with WTOP's National Security Correspondent J.J. Green about the Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador.

Thursday - 12/15/2011, 04:11am EST

Holder: Bin Laden no stranger before 9/11

A decade ago, future U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was simmering about the USS Cole bombing and Osama bin Laden's penchant for attacking the U.S.

Tuesday - 12/13/2011, 09:37am EST

Holder: 'Lone wolves worry me the most'

Each day Eric Holder arrives at his office on Pennsylvania Avenue, the attorney general is briefed on the issues and ills facing America -- from white-collar and violent crime to national security concerns and human and civil rights. But one prickly group of problems sticks out prominently.

Tuesday - 12/13/2011, 04:49am EST

Boko Haram is the next big threat to U.S.

J.J. Green, WTOP's National Security Correspondent

Thursday - 12/08/2011, 11:14am EST


Stakes are getting higher in U.S. drone controversy

J.J. Green, national security correspondent

Thursday - 12/08/2011, 10:41am EST


Restoring the reputation of ATF

In the wake of the "Fast and Furious" fallout, the interim director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives hopes to show the public that the operation "is not what this bureau is all about and what it does on a daily basis."

Tuesday - 12/06/2011, 06:16am EST

Interim ATF director: Recovering from 'Fast and Furious'

Seated at a large conference room table, B. Todd Jones, interim director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, is multi-tasking. He stares intently at an iPad and taps lightly on the glowing screen while describing his troubled agency.

Monday - 12/05/2011, 05:53am EST

NYC bomb plot real enough to warrant 2-year investigation

J.J. Green, WTOP National Security correspondent

Monday - 11/21/2011, 01:15pm EST


West Coast worries: Los Angeles in the crosshairs

With millions flying this Thanksgiving, the Transportation Security Administration is using a layered strategy to find terrorists, including lone wolves.

Friday - 11/18/2011, 10:12am EST

West Coast worries: Fears of terrorists targeting L.A.

Three months after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Steve Martinez looked out the window in his office on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles and got the shock of his life.

Thursday - 11/17/2011, 11:00am EST

'Pace of change is the biggest threat' facing America

JJ Green, national security correspondent

Thursday - 11/10/2011, 02:33pm EST


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