Baby sloth is 5th born at Baltimore’s National Aquarium

Baby sloth Felize was born March 30, 2015, at the National Aquarium, in Baltimore. (National Aquarium via YouTube)

BALTIMORE (AP) — A baby sloth has been born at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

The zoo announced the birth of Felize the two-toed sloth this week. The aquarium says Felize is the fifth sloth born at the facility and the third baby for its mother, Ivy.

The aquarium says it’s unclear whether the sloth is male or female and that mother and baby are being given their space so they can bond.

The aquarium says Felize is nursing well and will remain close to Ivy for almost a year before independently exploring the exhibit.

The last sloth born at the aquarium was in 2013.

  • R A.

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      • R A.

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          A true liberal.

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            not as sorry as I am for you

          • Griefman

            Didn’t your teachers tell not to employ double negatives in a sentence?

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