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Washington, DC
P/sunny, 69° F
Hi: 78° F ·  Low: 63° F
Humidity: 58%
Wind: NE  5 mph

Tonight's Forecast

Mainly clear

HI: 78° F | LOW: 63° F

Tomorrow's Forecast

Partly sunny and pleasant

HI: 78° F | LOW: 57° F

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Doug Hill's First Alert Forecast

This Afternoon:
Mostly Sunny and Warm
Highs: Upper 70s
Wind: NW-> SE 5
Mainly Clear
Lows: Upper 50s
Wind: SE 5
Partly Cloudy
Highs: Upper 70s
Wind: N 5

It's all about the temperatures this week with beautiful fall conditions.  Temperatures for the first time this season usually average below 80 degrees for high temperatures.  Days are getting shorter as well, so even with sunshine today our temperatures will reach mid to upper 70s.  High pressure over the Ohio Valley will keep it calm in the Mid-Atlantic. 

This Afternoon

A weak cold front over the Great Lakes will dip into our region early Thursday morning. However, it looks just like a shift in the wind with a dry passage as little moisture is available to get any showers goings.  Winds become easterly on Friday which would bring in more cloud cover and cooler temperatures.  Models are now hinting that the wedge may not be as strong on Friday, so if winds vary a bit from the east, it will mean more sunshine and mid to upper 70s.  By the weekend, we will warm into the 80s.

Updated:  Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 at 10:42 am

5 Day Forecast
  • Wed, Sep 17 ·  Mostly sunny and nice
    Hi: 78° F |  Low: 63° F
  • Thu, Sep 18 ·  Partly sunny and pleasant
    Hi: 78° F |  Low: 57° F
  • Fri, Sep 19 ·  Partly sunny and pleasant
    Hi: 77° F |  Low: 60° F
  • Sat, Sep 20 ·  Mist in the morning; otherwise, clearing
    Hi: 79° F |  Low: 62° F
  • Sun, Sep 21 ·  Partly sunny and warm
    Hi: 84° F |  Low: 65° F