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Washington, DC
P/sunny, 15° C
Hi: 26° C ·  Low: 18° C
Humidity: 74%
Wind: NNW  8 kph

Tonight's Forecast

Mainly clear

HI: 26° C | LOW: 18° C

Tomorrow's Forecast

Partly sunny and pleasant

HI: 26° C | LOW: 14° C

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Doug Hill's First Alert Forecast

Mostly Sunny, Pleasant
Highs: 74º-79º
Wind: NE/SE 5-10 mph
Mostly Clear and Cool
Lows: 53°-61°
Wind: SE 2-4 mph
Partly to Mostly Sunny, Nice
Highs: 74°-79°
Wind: N 5-10 mph

This time of year we often see a pool of cool and dry air high pressure migrate southward from Canada and the Great Lakes and treat us to strings of what feels like, early autumn days. In fact, we expect this string of cool and dry weather to continue through Friday. The weekend still looks partly cloudy and dry, but there are signs of a warming trend developing as temperatures crest the 80° mark.


No real appreciable rain chances until maybe early next week.  Maybe you have noticed it being a little dry so far this month? Read all about it here in Alex Liggitt's latest blog. Have a great day!

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Updated:  Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 at 6:52 am

5 Day Forecast
  • Wed, Sep 17 ·  Mostly sunny and nice
    Hi: 26° C |  Low: 18° C
  • Thu, Sep 18 ·  Partly sunny and pleasant
    Hi: 26° C |  Low: 14° C
  • Fri, Sep 19 ·  Partly sunny and pleasant
    Hi: 25° C |  Low: 16° C
  • Sat, Sep 20 ·  Mist in the morning; otherwise, clearing
    Hi: 27° C |  Low: 17° C
  • Sun, Sep 21 ·  Partly sunny and warm
    Hi: 29° C |  Low: 19° C