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Famous Italian market opens first U.S. location in D.C. area

With more than 100 locations throughout Europe and the Middle East, a famous market and restaurant finally comes to the U.S. And its first stop is local. (Photos)

Can you really save money with meal delivery? | Federal eateries join effort to curb animal antibiotic use | New Chinese restaurant’s name: I Don’t Know
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Man arrested following shooting of terror suspect

Following the shooting of a terror suspect in Boston, police have arrested another man who had also allegedly expressed an interest in taking up the ISIS call to attack police.

China escalates effort to recover missing from capsized ship

Chinese authorities deployed scores more divers and a large crane as they intensified efforts Wednesday to recover more than 410 people believed to be trapped inside an overturned river cruise ship.

Transitioning genders can lead to steep costs

Caitlyn Jenner had the means to pay for gender reassignment, but many others may not have the tens of thousands of dollars needed for the medical procedures.

Why you should care about the Stanley Cup Finals

With the Caps eliminated and no classic rivalry at stake, WTOP’s experts give you reasons to get excited about this year’s Stanley Cup Finals.

‘Entourage’ latest TV-to-movie adaptation

Where does ‘Entourage’ rank among the best TV-to-movie adaptations?

Fledgling bald eagles ready for take off in D.C.

In the 12 to 13 weeks since several bald eagles hatched, the eaglets have gone from fuzzy little chicks to full-sized fledglings, ready to take off. Get an update on the eaglets and see photos.

Bill would let agencies fire feds who 'knowingly violated' rules

Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he will introduce legislation to let agencies dismiss federal employees more quickly if they undeniably break laws or agency policies.

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