Courtesy Leesburg Police Department

Hammer-wielding suspect attacks clerk at Va. outlet mall

Police are searching for a man they say hit a store clerk in the neck with the claw end of the hammer at an outlet mall in Leesburg, Virginia.

Suspect sought in Leesburg hit-and-run crash involving pedestrian | More Loudoun County News
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Immigrants fishing for dinner unaware of mercury

Anglers who are hooking fish to feed their families often are unaware of the toxic substances found in fish because government advisories fail to get to them. (Photos)

Symbol of dictatorship abuse, Chilean sees justice coming

Her scarred face became a symbol of the atrocities of Chile’s 1973-90 dictatorship led by Gen. Augusto Pinochet. Now Carmen Quintana feels justice is being done.

Doctors skip the pharmacy, prescribe the farm instead

Some D.C. doctors are skipping traditional medications. Instead, they're writing their patients prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables. And it's working.

With a new ‘Vacation,’ a look at laughable comedy remakes

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A natural evolution in sports injury medicine

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When to take advantage of zero-percent financing

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House passes Secret Service training, VA COLA bills

The House passed a number of bills this week that, if enacted, could have significant impacts on federal employees and their dependents.

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