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FTA: Metro has failed to address several safety fixes

Metro is missing deadlines for important safety fixes. The Federal Transit Administration says the agency was expected to have a plan to adjust the safety issues last month. The announcement comes the same week that a Metro train ran a red signal, coming to a stop only 150 feet from a train that was unloading passengers.

Metro train runs red signal approaching train with passengers | Weekend work to affect all 6 Metro rail lines | Changes ordered after Metro train separates on tracks | More Metro News
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Crane collapses in Manhattan

One person died and two others were seriously injured when a crane collapsed in New York City Thursday, smashing the roofs of parked cars as it crashed onto the street. See photos.

In Brazil, pregnant women urged to be cautious with a kiss

A top Brazilian health official warned pregnant women to think twice before kissing someone other than a regular partner.

Falls Church City confuses tax prep software

Tax preparation software can't always discern the difference between taxpayers who live in the Falls Church portion of Fairfax County and those who live in the City of Falls Church.

Review: ‘Hail Caesar’ is scattered misstep by often masterful Coens

The latest Coen Brothers’ movie, while brilliant in spurts, is far too manic for its own good.

Oncologists name biggest advance in cancer treatment

In their 2016 report, The American Society of Clinical Oncologists indicate this relatively new technique has the ability to revolutionize cancer treatment.

DNI Clapper on the 'mortal threat' facing U.S.

In an exclusive interview, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper explains who poses the biggest threat to the nation — and it isn't ISIL.

OSC urging agencies to take ‘first step’ in creating open culture

The Office of Special Counsel is urging individual agencies to register for OSC’s 2302 (c) Certification Program, which provides information on prohibited personnel practices and offers protection for whistleblowers.

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