Stories from Feb 17th, 2013

Texting while you eat can lead to weight gain

Sunday - 02/17/2013, 11:39am EST

Where to celebrate National Drink Wine Day

Sunday - 02/17/2013, 11:42am EST

Obama goes around lawmakers with Executive Orders

Sunday - 02/17/2013, 12:38pm EST

The pros and cons of raising the minimum wage

Sunday - 02/17/2013, 06:14pm EST

Nats players bigger as spring training starts

Monday - 02/18/2013, 08:15am EST

Leak of Obama's immigration plan accidental

Monday - 02/18/2013, 08:39am EST

The rogue nukes of the cosmos

Monday - 02/18/2013, 01:47pm EST

The fitness secret of the rich

Monday - 02/18/2013, 01:50pm EST

Presidents Day should return to Washington's birthday

Monday - 02/18/2013, 03:49pm EST

Burger King gets hacked and iPhone 6 in 2014

Monday - 02/18/2013, 11:11pm EST

Gas prices: Will they go above $4 a gallon?

Monday - 02/18/2013, 11:14pm EST

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