Officials urge patience ahead of Tuesday snow

Local officials are asking D.C. area residents to exercise restraint behind the wheel on Tuesday. Light rain Monday night will give way to a wintry mix, which could make driving difficult during rush hour.

WTOP Weather Center | WTOP Traffic | Winter storm threatens Cape Cod with up to 18 inches of snow | The latest on the Northeastern snowstorm
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  • What happens if contradicting toll laws pass in Va.?

    With new tolls in Northern Virginia being a hot-button issue, the House Transportation Committee had to consider what happens if opposing measures were passed and became law.

  • New malaria parasites found in white-tailed deer

    Scientists studying mosquitoes at the National Zoo have discovered a previously unknown species of the malaria parasite in white-tailed deer.

  • A new prescription for type 2 diabetes: A low-fat vegan diet

    Diabetes rates are on the rise and Washington is no exception: One in three adults has elevated blood sugar and a third of children are on their way to full-blown diabetes, which, at $85,000 or more over the course of a lifetime, is expensive to treat. Our medical systems aren’t equipped for this influx and our bodies can’t handle it. The question isn’t “How did we get here?” but “How can we fix it?” and fast.

  • ‘Race’ a fitting tribute to Jesse Owens

    The new movie "Race" depicts the life of Jesse Owens, a civil rights pioneer ahead of his time.

  • Stressful day? Work some yoga into your workday

    Don’t have time to take a yoga class? That’s OK. You can do it at your desk.

  • Today in History: Feb. 9

    In 1950, Sen. Joseph McCarthy first accused the government of being riddled with communists, marking the start of McCarthyism. In 1960, actress JoAnne Woodward had the first star placed on the Hollywood Walk of fame, and in 1964, the Beatles appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

  • Top 50 romantic movie couples

    From Rhett & Scarlett to Harry & Sally, who are the most romantic movie couples?


Passengers of cruise ship praise crew after treacherous storm

Royal Caribbean passengers are praising the actions of the ship's crew after a winter storm rocked the ship Sunday off the East Coast. (Photos, video)

Sanders, Kasich win 1st votes in tiny NH community

Bernie Sanders and John Kasich picked up the most votes as the first ballots of the first-in-the-nation primary were cast early Tuesday.

An icky new hero: Roach-like robots may help in disasters

When buildings collapse in future disasters, the hero helping rescue trapped people may be a robotic cockroach.

Coast Guard: Fuel oil in Potomac evaporating on its own

Initial testing has determined the substance is fuel oil, which rules out the source being car or jet fuel. So far, one goose has died from injuries with the incident, the Coast Guard says.

Super Bowl 50 Wrap: Old school wins in more ways than one

Old School beat New School on Super Sunday…and WTOP's Rob Woodfork isn't just talking QB.

For Civil War menu, local chef inspired by unlikely muse: hospital food

When crafting a special Civil War-themed menu, a local chef took his cues from cuisine liked by few — hospital food.

Fresh head scratchers from the world of federal contracting

Banged up cars and seizing ship engines. A slice of federal programs not going as planned.

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