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Va. pledges to fix I-95 bottleneck

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced a new project that will ease a choke point on Interstate 95 for commuters headed inbound during the morning rush and outbound at night.

Three of nation’s worst bottlenecks are in Northern Virginia, study finds | I-95 Express Lanes could ease strain of Thanksgiving getaway | State Department issues alert to travelers in wake of attacks | WTOP Traffic
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  • Two new taco spots coming to D.C.

    Your mind might be on turkey this week, but when Thanksgiving passes, your taste buds will be tuning into tacos. The details on two new shops. (Photos)

  • Tips to deal with family dysfunction during Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is a time for turkey, pies and football. It’s also a time when many families spend a lot of time together, which can cause some friction.

  • The role of genetics in breast cancer

    With breast cancer striking 1 out of every 9 women, many families have a close relative with breast cancer, without any genetic tendency. That said, it is still important to determine how significant the risk is in your family.

  • When's the best time to travel this Thanksgiving?

    This year, the getaway traffic will be at its worst between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., says WTOP Director of Traffic and Weather Jim Battagliese. Tack on that traffic flow data suggests that the Tuesday before Thanksgiving has some of the longest traffic delays, and travelers could be in for some headaches.

  • 93 percent of riot-damaged Baltimore businesses have reopened

    The Baltimore Development Corp. said in a statement Tuesday that just over 400 businesses suffered property damage or inventory losses during unrest following the death of Freddie Gray.

  • Black Friday deals get harder to decipher

    What's really full price? And, how often have Amazon, Wal-Mart and Best Buy changed prices between Nov. 1 and Nov. 19. You might be surprised at the answers.


Providence’s dancing cop says he was fired over protest

Providence’s famous dancing cop said he was fired Tuesday for organizing a protest over the appearance of a “blacklivesmatter” hashtag on another police officer’s coffee cup.

Turkey shoots down Russian jet it says violated its airspace

Turkey shot down a Russian fighter plane it said had crossed into its territory from Syria on Tuesday, killing at least one of the two pilots.

Are new college basketball rules hurting slow teams?

College basketball has a number of new rules aimed at speeding up pace. Are they hurting methodical teams, including a few around the D.C. area?

Think you want a tiny house? Businesses offer a tryout first

“It’s a way to test-drive tiny house living,” said Jon Staff, the founder and CEO of Getaway. “We operate them a little bit like hotel rooms in the woods.”

How to keep your weight under control at Thanksgiving

Sally Squires, author of the Lean Plate Club blog, says make your Thanksgiving indulgences count, and she offers advice about when to step on the scale after the holiday.

Why 'Home Alone' is so much more than a guilty pleasure

It's time to stop calling “Home Alone” a guilty pleasure and embrace it as a classic. The National Symphony Orchestra and The Choral Arts Society of Washington are celebrating the movie's 25th anniversary.

OPM cyber breach site live, sort of

Cyber breach victims who haven't yet received a notification letter from the Office of Personnel Management can visit a verification center in the next few weeks for extra help.

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