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Study: 'Super-lice' have arrived in Md., Va.

The days of home treatment with over-the-counter products appear to be coming to an end. Researchers say a strain of mutated head lice is on the move around the country and has already arrived in Maryland and Virginia.

Report: How local students’ vaccination rates compare to U.S. | Ebola survivor who lost 21 relatives gives birth to baby boy | Leading stem cell scientist cleared of misconduct charges
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The Latest on TV shooting: Shopping center opens again

Morning anchor Kim McBroom started Friday’s broadcast by telling viewers, “another tough morning for us, but we’re soldiering on.”

Austrian officials: 71 migrants likely suffocated in truck

Some of the migrants may have been refugees fleeing violence in Syria. Four children were among the dead.

Erika kills 4 in Dominica, soaks Puerto Rico

The storm was expected to dump up to 8 inches of rain across the drought-stricken northern Caribbean as it carved a path toward the U.S.

What to do if you meet Pope Francis

For those lucky enough to get close to the Pontiff, some things to keep in mind.

ISIL’s top cyber operative killed in drone strike

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has allegedly lost another important operative, but this one may have held the key to ISIL’s future

Ex-NBA star Darryl Dawkins, aka 'Chocolate Thunder,' has died

The rim-wrecking, glass-shattering dunks remain unforgettable — as will the giant of a man who changed the game with them.

Ten years after Katrina, DoD cites gains in civilian disaster response

The Pentagon says in the decade since Hurricane Katrina, it’s made several changes that are intended to get Defense Department resources to local disaster zones within hours instead of days.

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