Stories from Jan 14th, 2013

Vitamin D could be the key to fighting the flu

Monday - 01/14/2013, 01:30pm EST

Mental illness and gun regulation

Monday - 01/14/2013, 02:18pm EST

Desperate Armstrong apology opens legal minefield

Monday - 01/14/2013, 03:25pm EST

RGIII's road to recovery

Monday - 01/14/2013, 04:25pm EST

Obama plays hardball on debt ceiling

Monday - 01/14/2013, 04:27pm EST

Jodie Foster's rambling speech lacked three key words

Monday - 01/14/2013, 04:29pm EST

The windfall

Monday - 01/14/2013, 04:32pm EST

Once in your life, try an inaugural ball

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 05:05am EST

No reason to believe gridlock will end

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 08:56am EST

Another budget showdown is coming

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 08:56am EST

Spending cuts on the table for military

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 08:57am EST

President takes on gun violence

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 08:58am EST

Financial gridlock in Congess

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 09:50am EST

Pentagon budget cuts

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 02:40pm EST

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