Stories from Jul 12th, 2012

Why are gas prices going back up?

Thursday - 07/12/2012, 03:38am EDT

Texas tops, Virginia drops in best business states

Thursday - 07/12/2012, 03:42am EDT

Troubleshooting Olympics security 'a big mistake'

Thursday - 07/12/2012, 06:42am EDT

Traveling with your pets

Thursday - 07/12/2012, 02:20pm EDT

Penn State: Breaking the culture of silence

Thursday - 07/12/2012, 02:33pm EDT

Joe Paterno's reputation took a hit

Thursday - 07/12/2012, 02:35pm EDT

Getting the best deals is about timing

Thursday - 07/12/2012, 02:37pm EDT

It's all about Christmas in the tech world

Thursday - 07/12/2012, 03:50pm EDT

Batman is the big deal at the movies

Thursday - 07/12/2012, 03:51pm EDT

Baseball withdrawal? There's a fix for that

Thursday - 07/12/2012, 03:53pm EDT

Penn State football needs to be shut down

Thursday - 07/12/2012, 04:21pm EDT

Analysis of Penn State child abuse report

Friday - 07/13/2012, 03:41am EDT

Friday the 13th superstitions

Friday - 07/13/2012, 08:52am EDT

Hold those at PSU responsible, not the team

Friday - 07/13/2012, 03:11pm EDT

Cuddling with pets can spread disesase

Friday - 07/13/2012, 03:24pm EDT

Obama and Romney campaign in Va.

Friday - 07/13/2012, 03:43pm EDT

50 shades of Vincent Gray

Friday - 07/13/2012, 03:49pm EDT

Bain a continuous pain for Mitt Romney

Saturday - 07/14/2012, 08:28am EDT

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