Stories from Apr 17th, 2012

Shuttle Discovery's long legacy

Tuesday - 04/17/2012, 05:28am EDT

Secret Service scandal: No one will go unscathed

Tuesday - 04/17/2012, 02:47pm EDT

Fix the deficit on tax day

Tuesday - 04/17/2012, 03:10pm EDT

Lack of sleep can increase chances of diabetes

Tuesday - 04/17/2012, 03:14pm EDT

Speculators not the final word on gas prices

Tuesday - 04/17/2012, 10:11pm EDT

Smartphones will change the way we pay

Tuesday - 04/17/2012, 10:12pm EDT

Fallout from soldiers' photos with Afghan corpses

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 05:39am EDT

Panetta spends $3K an hour to jet home on weekends

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 06:55am EDT

National Golf Day yields congressional analysis

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 09:44am EDT

Romney, Obama race 'unquestionably tying up'

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 09:45am EDT

Tax week issues shine 'shameful' light on GSA

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 09:46am EDT

Ten best green cars of 2012

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 01:34pm EDT

Winningest coach, Pat Summitt, retires

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 02:34pm EDT

Secret Service firings are only the beginning

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 09:48pm EDT

Marriage can lengthen your life

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 09:53pm EDT

An iPad killer at last?

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 10:02pm EDT

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