Internet TV case: Justices skeptical, concerned

Broadcast TV on the Internet: Justices show skepticism, concern about possible ruling's effect

Updated 03 minutes, 58 seconds ago

Aereo CEO speaks on company, Supreme Court case

Aereo CEO speaks on future of company, challenge by broadcasters in Supreme Court

Updated 04 minutes, 02 seconds ago

Michigan affirmative ban is OK, Supreme Court says

Blow to affirmative action: Supreme Court OK's voter-approved ban for Michigan universities

Updated 43 minutes, 56 seconds ago

Backers, opponents of Michigan ban react to ruling

Foes of Michigan affirmative action ban call court decision 'shocking;' backers say 'victory'

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 08:50pm EDT

Court critical of Ohio law punishing campaign lies

Supreme Court has major doubts about Ohio law barring campaign lies

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 06:36pm EDT

Court upholds traffic stop based on anonymous tip

Supreme Court says anonymous tips can justify police decision to pull a car over

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 06:30pm EDT

Retired justice proposes changes to Constitution

Retired Justice Stevens proposes constitutional changes on guns, death penalty, election money

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 08:40am EDT

Justice Stevens: Make 6 changes to Constitution

Retired Justice Stevens wants to strip gun rights, abolish death penalty, limit campaign money

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 04:30am EDT

Court rejects Arizona's appeal in immigration case

Supreme Court rejects Arizona governor's appeal of portion of immigration enforcement law

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 03:20am EDT

Court to hear dispute over Internet TV broadcasts

Can Aereo fly? Broadcasters' copyright challenge to TV over Internet reaches Supreme Court

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 03:14am EDT

Business Highlights

Business Highlights

Monday - 04/21/2014, 07:10pm EDT

12 states ban sodomy a decade after court ruling

12 states still have anti-sodomy laws a decade after Supreme Court ruled them unconstitutional

Monday - 04/21/2014, 06:50pm EDT

Court won't hear Fla. employee drug testing rule

Supreme Court won't hear Florida governor's appeal over drug testing for state employees

Monday - 04/21/2014, 05:50pm EDT

Supreme Court considers juice label dispute

Supreme Court appears likely to back Pom Wonderful in juice label dispute with Coke

Monday - 04/21/2014, 05:40pm EDT

US justices seek middle ground in Argentina case

US Supreme Court seeks middle ground between Argentina, creditors on access to foreign assets

Monday - 04/21/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Ex-justice says politics can be factor on retiring

Retired Justice Stevens says it's OK for justices to consider politics in weighing retirement

Monday - 04/21/2014, 03:28pm EDT

Court to look at 'born in Jerusalem' passport case

Supreme Court will look anew at case of American with passport listing birth in Jerusalem

Monday - 04/21/2014, 02:08pm EDT

High court will hear case of mistaken traffic stop

Supreme Court to consider whether traffic stop based on mistake of law is unconstitutional

Monday - 04/21/2014, 01:18pm EDT

Court rejects Exxon Mobil appeal of $105M verdict

Supreme Court rejects Exxon Mobil appeal of $105M verdict for contaminating NYC groundwater

Monday - 04/21/2014, 11:10am EDT