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Senate to vote on highway money as deadline looms

Senate to vote on keeping federal highway money flowing to states as deadline looms

Updated 59 minutes, 59 seconds ago

Senate Dems seek to split GOP on export bank

Obscure export bank's fate traps GOP Senate hopefuls between party's tea party, business wings

Updated 04 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Strip club endorses Democratic pastor for Congress

Strip club endorses Democratic pastor from Arizona in a close race for Congress

Updated 32 minutes, 13 seconds ago

With Israel at war, US lawmakers give full support

With war raging, US lawmakers offer full support for Israel, criticism of Obama administration

Updated 36 minutes, 13 seconds ago

Miller faces sales job on $17B VA health care bill

GOP Rep. Miller pushes bill to spend $17 billion to improve health care for veterans

Updated 1 hours, 04 minutes ago

Ernst back from military training to Senate race

Republican Joni Ernst is back from national guard training to focus on tight Senate race

Updated 1 hours, 44 minutes ago

Deal to improve veterans' health care costs $17B

As deadline looms, lawmakers reach $17B deal on VA health care

Updated 1 hours, 47 minutes ago

House bill lets airlines advertise pre-tax fares

House approves bill letting airlines advertise pre-tax fares, over consumer complaints

Monday - 07/28/2014, 08:40pm EDT

Delany noncommittal on Penn State sanction cuts

Big Ten commissioner Delany noncommittal on Congressmen effort to rescind Penn State sanctions

Monday - 07/28/2014, 08:10pm EDT

Analysis: Clinton impeachment shadows GOP lawsuit

Analysis: Lessons of Clinton impeachment drama cast shadow on Republican lawsuit against Obama

Monday - 07/28/2014, 07:42pm EDT
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