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Biden says 'Shylocks' was poor choice of words

Biden says it was poor choice to describe lenders as 'Shylocks;' anti-Semitic group complained

Updated 06 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Pro-Hillary Clinton group helping Senate Democrats

Group backing potential Hillary Clinton campaign aiding Senate campaigns

Updated 06 minutes, 05 seconds ago

Investors buy German debt at negative rates

Investors agree to pay to lend money to Germany in auction of two-year government debt

Updated 06 minutes, 05 seconds ago

Oregonians to vote on driving cards for immigrants

As states grant privileges to people living in US illegally, Oregon to vote on driver card law

Updated 06 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Md. county launches campaign on pedestrian crashes

Montgomery County officials launch campaign to reduce pedestrian crashes involving teens

Updated 06 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Prosecutor may release audio of Brown grand jury

Prosecutor will release audio of Michael Brown grand jury if Ferguson officer isn't indicted

Updated 06 minutes, 10 seconds ago

US can't track Westerners fighting in Syria

US intelligence official concedes problems tracking Americans who join rebel fighters in Syria

Updated 06 minutes, 14 seconds ago

No welfare for weed under House bill

House bill aims to prevent welfare recipients from spending gov't payments on marijuana

Updated 06 minutes, 17 seconds ago

No Labels gathers allies in DC to start 2016 push

No Labels plans bipartisan agenda that 2016 contenders will face in Iowa, New Hampshire

Updated 06 minutes, 17 seconds ago

Congress approves inflation increase for veterans

Congress approves inflation increase for veterans receiving disability, other benefits

Updated 06 minutes, 18 seconds ago

More children live to age 5, work still to be done

Death rates down, but world lags in meeting goal of sharply reducing child mortality by 2015

Updated 06 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Temporary spending bill highlights

Temporary spending bill would prevent shutdown of government, Export-Import Bank.

Updated 08 minutes, 09 seconds ago

Top Saudi clerics issue edict against terrorism

Updated 08 minutes, 09 seconds ago

Obama reaffirms opposition to US combat in Iraq

Obama: US troops in Iraq 'do not and will not' have a combat mission in militant fight

Updated 09 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Only 4 states will see cuts to food stamps

INSIDE WASHINGTON: Only 4 states will see food stamp cuts after states thwart reductions

Updated 09 minutes, 51 seconds ago

In Iowa, Biden preaches populist theme on taxes

Biden preaches populist theme in taxes during visit to early-voting Iowa, important 2016 state

Updated 09 minutes, 52 seconds ago

Liberia hopes US Ebola aid pushes world to do more

Liberian president says she hopes promised US anti-Ebola aid spurs world into further action

Updated 09 minutes, 55 seconds ago

Wary lawmakers ready to OK arms for Syrian rebels

Wary lawmakers ready to OK arms for Syrian rebels fighting Islamic State group in Iraq, Syria

Updated 10 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Senate: China hacked military contractor networks

Senate investigation says China hacked into military contractor networks at least 9 times

Updated 10 minutes, 02 seconds ago

Police run down tips about trooper ambush suspect

Pennsylvania State Police run down sightings of barracks ambush suspect; none confirmed so far

Updated 10 minutes, 06 seconds ago
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