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Russia: EU sanctions weaken anti-terrorism efforts

Russia says new EU sanctions will weaken fight against international terrorism

Updated 53 minutes, 20 seconds ago

Despite Clinton: O'Malley in Iowa amid 2016 talk

Despite Clinton: Maryland governor helps local candidates in Iowa amid 2016 presidential talk

Updated 53 minutes, 21 seconds ago

US evacuates embassy in Libya amid clashes

US shutters embassy in Libya, evacuates staff to Tunisia as security deteriorates in Tripoli

Updated 53 minutes, 21 seconds ago

Some in 'torture' report denied chance to read it

Named in 'torture' report, some former CIA officials denied a chance to read it before release

Updated 53 minutes, 22 seconds ago

In Chinese shadow, Hong Kong fights for its future

Hong Kong fights for its future in the face of growing Chinese influence

Updated 53 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Federal court upholds Fla.'s docs vs. glocks law

Federal court upholds Florida law limiting doctors' discussions of guns with their patients

Updated 53 minutes, 49 seconds ago

House to Obama: No troops to Iraq without our OK

House passes bill that would bar Obama from sending combat troops to Iraq without Congress' OK

Updated 53 minutes, 49 seconds ago

Bigger Russian artillery moving into Ukraine soon

Pentagon: Imminent movement of Russian heavy artillery across border into Ukraine

Updated 53 minutes, 50 seconds ago

Activists: Car bomb explodes in north Syria town

Activists: Car bomb explodes in north Syria town near Turkish border causing casualties

Updated 54 minutes, 52 seconds ago

French minister calls on protesters to observe ban

France's interior minister calls on pro-Gaza protesters to respect ban on protest

Updated 55 minutes, 02 seconds ago

Hungary leader says NGOs serving foreign interests

Hungarian prime minister says civic groups financed from abroad are serving foreign interests

Updated 55 minutes, 02 seconds ago

Diplomats call for extension of Gaza cease-fire

Foreign ministers call for an extension of the Gaza Strip 12-hour cease-fire

Updated 55 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Obama: Offshore 'tax inversions' are unpatriotic

Obama says companies dodging taxes by moving headquarters overseas is unpatriotic

Updated 55 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Migrants: Obama urges Latin leaders, GOP to help

Obama urges Central American leaders, House Republicans to help slow influx of young migrants

Updated 55 minutes, 40 seconds ago

House votes to boost child tax credit for some

House votes to boost child tax credit for high-income families, restrict it for immigrants

Updated 55 minutes, 46 seconds ago

Air travel a leap of faith for passengers

Air travel a leap of faith, but people can take steps to be informed and follow safe habits

Updated 55 minutes, 49 seconds ago

EU hits Russian intelligence chiefs with sanctions

New EU sanctions imposed on Russian intelligence chiefs, rebel organizations in Ukraine

Updated 57 minutes, 33 seconds ago

AP ANALYSIS: Old story, new twists in Gaza war

AP ANALYSIS: Gaza war plays out like in 2009 _ with key differences for Israelis, Palestinians

Updated 57 minutes, 41 seconds ago

What happened? The day Flight 17 was downed

A missile launcher, a passenger jet: What happened the day Flight 17 went down?

Updated 57 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Hospital shooting suspect had history of violence

Official: Suspect in deadly hospital shooting had lengthy history of gun arrests, violence

Updated 59 minutes, 30 seconds ago
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