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How states fared on unemployment benefit claims

States with the biggest changes in jobless aid applications, and some reasons, at a glance

Updated 07 minutes, 30 seconds ago

Sri Lankan activist: Gov't trying to hurt UN probe

Sri Lankan activist says president is trying to undermine credibility of UN war crimes probe

Updated 07 minutes, 31 seconds ago

SAfrican lawmakers protest presidential scandal

South Africa: opposition lawmakers disrupt parliament over state spending on president's home

Updated 07 minutes, 34 seconds ago

News Guide: Democrats top GOP campaign committees

News Guide: Democrats' House, Senate, central party committees outraise Republicans

Updated 07 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Audit: 'Obamacare' tax not meeting revenue target

Audit: 'Obamacare' tax on medical devices falling short of revenue goal; companies not paying

Updated 07 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Israeli airstrike kills 3 senior Hamas leaders

Israeli airstrike in Gaza kills 3 senior Hamas military leaders in major blow to group

Updated 09 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Holder offers reassurance to people of Ferguson

Attorney general visits Ferguson, offers reassurance about investigation into police shooting

Updated 09 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Many police killings, but only Ferguson explodes

The riots this time: No violence after other police killings, but factors converge in Ferguson

Updated 09 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Foley's death isn't changing views in Congress

Journalist's slaying not shifting positions in Congress on military action against extremists

Updated 09 minutes, 19 seconds ago

With Erdogan at helm, Turkey to choose premier

With Erdogan at helm, Turkey's ruling party meets to choose his successor as prime minister

Updated 09 minutes, 22 seconds ago

Irish peacemaker, ex-premier Reynolds dies at 81

Albert Reynolds, Irish prime minister who helped bring peace to Northern Ireland, dies at 81

Updated 09 minutes, 23 seconds ago

US special ops tried but failed to find hostages

US rescue mission in Syria this summer failed to find Americans held hostage by extremists

Updated 09 minutes, 23 seconds ago

Some see Qatar's hand in collapse of Gaza talks

Qatar, home to Hamas boss and funder of Gaza Strip, criticized amid cease-fire talks' collapse

Updated 09 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Pryor's 'Obamacare' ad highlights his cancer fight

Pryor explains 'Obamacare' vote in new advertisement that highlights his fight against cancer

Updated 09 minutes, 28 seconds ago

Picture emerges of officer in Ferguson shooting

Ferguson police officer who shot unarmed 18-year-old has lived quiet, sometimes turbulent life

Updated 11 minutes, 24 seconds ago

Texas Gov. Perry formally enters not guilty plea

GOP Texas Gov. Perry formally pleads not guilty in court filing to charges of abusing power

Updated 11 minutes, 30 seconds ago

US won't reveal records on health website security

Citing threats from hackers, US won't release security details for federal health care website

Updated 11 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Mongolia, China pledge $10 billion in annual trade

Mongolia, China pledge to almost double annual trade to $10 billion by 2020

Updated 15 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Bank of America agrees to nearly $17B settlement

Justice Dept. announces nearly $17 billion settlement with Bank of America

Updated 25 minutes, 12 seconds ago
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