European carriers suspend more Tel Aviv flights

European carriers suspend more Tel Aviv flights amid ongoing safety concerns

Updated 00 minutes, 07 seconds ago

EU seeks energy efficiency to ease Russia gas link

EU executive proposes higher energy efficiency target to curb emissions, gas imports

Updated 01 minutes, 30 seconds ago

2 Ukrainian military fighter jets shot down

Defense Ministry: 2 Ukrainian military fighter jets shot down in the east of country

Updated 03 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Despite sanctions call, UK OKs Russia arms exports

Lawmakers: Despite calls for sanctions over Ukraine, Britain still exporting arms to Russia

Updated 03 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Malaysia jet victims' bodies arrive in Netherlands

Transport planes carrying bodies of Malaysia Airlines' victims arrives in the Netherlands

Updated 06 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Shipwrecked Concordia making final voyage off isle

Bells, sirens sound as shipwrecked Concordia liner leaves Italian isle, towed on final voyage

Updated 08 minutes, 29 seconds ago

Neo-Nazi group banned in Germany's Bavaria state

German state of Bavaria bans neo-Nazi group operating in region, conducts searches

Wednesday - 07/23/2014, 06:40am EDT

Lax security at crash site hampers investigations

Lax security, slipshod collection spark fear of evidence contamination at Ukraine crash site

Wednesday - 07/23/2014, 04:52am EDT

UK announces inquiry for Russian spy death

UK government announces full inquiry on death of Russian spy poisoned in 2006

Wednesday - 07/23/2014, 03:22am EDT

Plane crash bodies removed from war zone

Plane crash bodies finally removed from war zone; Europe imposes more sanctions on Russia

Wednesday - 07/23/2014, 03:06am EDT

Amid sanctions, France in warship sale to Russia

France sticks to warship sale to Russia despite calls for European arms embargo, sanctions

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 04:58pm EDT

European agency urges airlines to avoid Tel Aviv

European Aviation Safety Agency 'strongly recommends' airlines avoid Tel Aviv airport

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 04:57pm EDT

Norway honors victims of 2011 terror attacks

Norway commemorates victims of bomb and shooting attacks, PM calls for tolerance, diversity

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 04:50pm EDT

Report finds Islamic plot to control UK schools

Investigation finds evidence of Muslim fundamentalists controlling some British schools

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 02:28pm EDT

Dutch declare day of national mourning

Dutch declares day of national mourning on day 1st bodies of Ukraine victims expected home

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 02:20pm EDT

British experts to analyze MH17 black boxes

British air accidents investigators to analyze data from downed Malaysia Airlines black boxes

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 02:10pm EDT

Minibus crash in France kills 5 children, 1 adult

Minibus crash in northeast France leaves 6 dead, including 5 children

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 01:48pm EDT

Turkish PM says he, Obama no longer talk directly

Suggesting rift, Turkey's Erdogan says he and Obama no longer hold 'direct' phone calls

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 01:48pm EDT

Turkey detains police for 'spying' and wiretaps

Dozens of Turkish police officers detained for alleged spying, illegal wiretaps

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 01:37pm EDT

Germany, France, Italy condemn anti-Semitic demos

Germany, France, Italy condemn anti-Semitic protests and attacks amid Gaza conflict

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 01:08pm EDT
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