Latin America

Brazil race hinges on fickle lower middle class

Brazil's election hinges on fickle lower middle class, its members torn between gains, future

Updated 07 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Mexico: Mayor linked to deadly attack on students

Mexico prosecutor: Iguala mayor linked to attack on students that left 6 dead, 43 missing

Updated 07 minutes, 54 seconds ago

AP PHOTOS: Brazil's poor, Rousseff's solid support

AP PHOTOS: Brazil's poor, with a decade of gains, are solid support for Rousseff in election

Thursday - 10/23/2014, 12:04am EDT

Puerto Rico power company officials face charges

Puerto Rico prosecutors files fraud charges against officials at troubled public power company

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:00pm EDT

Appeal sought in Puerto Rico gay marriage case

Puerto Rico couples to appeal ruling in same-sex marriage case

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 05:00pm EDT

Mexican military kills 19, suffers no casualties

Mexican military kills 19 suspects, suffers no casualties

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 02:40pm EDT

Hunt for 43 students highlights Mexico's missing

Hunt for 43 'disappeared' youths puts spotlight on Mexico's long, and growing, list of missing

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 12:52pm EDT

Tropical depression headed for Campeche in Mexico

Tropical depression headed for Mexican state of Campeche; likely to become tropical storm

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 09:00am EDT

Mexican rights body alleges troops murdered 15

Mexico's rights agency says troops murdered up to 15, alleges officials staged a cover up

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:25am EDT

Mexican rights agency says army executed 15 of 22

Mexican rights agency says soldiers executed up to 15 of 22 suspects at warehouse incident

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:23am EDT

IAPA: Press freedom deteriorating in the Americas

Watchdog says press freedom deteriorating in the Americas because of censorship, attacks

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:21am EDT

Cuba sends 91 more doctors to fight Ebola

Cuba sends 91 more doctors to fight Ebola as part of unique program of medical diplomacy

Wednesday - 10/22/2014, 07:21am EDT

Fight for Brazil's battleground state heats up

Battle to win home of Brazil's president, challenger heats up in bellwether state

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 01:16pm EDT

Rights group: LGBT Jamaicans targets of violence

Rights group: LGBT Jamaicans are targets of unchecked violence, discrimination

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 12:29pm EDT

AP Photos: Children learn wrestling in Old Havana

AP Photos: Motivated by Olympic hero, children learn wrestling in baseball-loving Cuba

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 11:26am EDT

Panama suspends Supreme Court judge for corruption

Panama suspends Supreme Court justice close to Martinelli over corruption charges

Monday - 10/20/2014, 11:08pm EDT

Harvard student stuck in Mexico gets new US visa

Harvard student stuck in Mexico for months sees slight delay in return to US on new visa

Monday - 10/20/2014, 10:00pm EDT

Poll: Brazil's leader gains ground in tight race

Poll: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff gains traction in tight election race

Monday - 10/20/2014, 09:19pm EDT

5.6-magnitude quake felt on Ecuador-Colombia line

5.6-magnitude quake shakes Ecuador's border with Colombia, no injuries or damage reported

Monday - 10/20/2014, 07:40pm EDT

Mexico offers reward for info on missing students

Mexico's government offers reward for information on 43 missing students

Monday - 10/20/2014, 05:49pm EDT