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Black Friday gets a little less frenzied

Updated 02 minutes, 23 seconds ago

South African academy trains anti-poaching dogs

Sniff, chase, jump out of choppers: South African dogs drill for fight against poachers

Updated 02 minutes, 23 seconds ago

Helium: It gives NYC's Thanksgiving parade a lift

A few uplifting facts about helium, which makes big balloons soar in NYC's Thanksgiving parade

Updated 12 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Md. firearm deer season opens

Md. firearm deer season opens with expanded Sunday opportunities, antler point restrictions

Updated 56 minutes, 21 seconds ago

Official Christmas tree arrives at White House

First lady gives thumbs-up: 20-foot white fir from Pennsylvania is White House Christmas tree

Updated 1 hours, 02 minutes ago

Presidents pick up the check for their meals

Whether a holiday dinner or a breakfast burrito, presidents pick up the check for their meals

Updated 1 hours, 02 minutes ago

Obama defends legal authority _ to pardon turkeys

Obama defends his legal authority _ to take executive action to pardon Thanksgiving turkeys

Updated 1 hours, 02 minutes ago

Black Friday gets a little less frenzied

Black Friday gets a little less crazy, as many Americans do their shopping on Thanksgiving Day

Updated 1 hours, 07 minutes ago

BLACK FRIDAY LIVE: Thinner crowds, protests, beer

What's happening around the country as the holiday shopping season kicks off

Updated 1 hours, 07 minutes ago

Growers grateful for higher Christmas tree prices

Growers grateful for slightly higher Christmas tree prices but customers may see little change

Updated 1 hours, 08 minutes ago

Metro is Santa's new sleigh for Tysons shoppers, skaters

Friday wasn't just the official opening of the holiday shopping season, it was also the first time shoppers could take the Silver Line to Tysons Corner Center on a Black Friday.

Updated 1 hours, 13 minutes ago

Liver transplant recipient marks 25th anniversary

1st live-donor liver transplant recipient in the US marks 25 years since operation

Updated 1 hours, 20 minutes ago

Bob Baker, legendary puppeteer, dead at 90

Bob Baker, legendary puppeteer and founder of marionette theater, dies in Los Angeles at 90

Saturday - 11/29/2014, 12:52am EST

Cops: Beau who ate holiday meal early gets stabbed

Cops: Woman stabs beau in chest for eating Thanksgiving dinner while she slept off a bender

Saturday - 11/29/2014, 12:30am EST

Kalil brothers reunite, when Panthers play Vikings

Kalil brothers stay close as Panthers center advises Vikings tackle through rough season

Saturday - 11/29/2014, 12:02am EST

Police: Man held after choking neighbor's loud dog

Police: Man tries to silence neighbor's barking dog but gets bitten, faces criminal charges

Friday - 11/28/2014, 11:28pm EST

City's ugly Christmas tree getting single red bulb

City's much-maligned Christmas tree to get the Charlie Brown treatment: a single red ornament

Friday - 11/28/2014, 11:28pm EST

Calorie count to appear with many prepared foods

How many calories in a tub of popcorn? New rules require calorie count for many prepared foods

Friday - 11/28/2014, 10:52pm EST

Protesters break windows in San Francisco shops

Demonstrators break windows, disrupt shopping in downtown San Francisco over Ferguson decision

Friday - 11/28/2014, 10:36pm EST

Magicians stage effort to restore Houdini's grave

Magicians stage new effort to restore and maintain Harry Houdini's vandalized NYC gravesite

Friday - 11/28/2014, 09:58pm EST
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