Proposed resort south of D.C. stirs anger

The Virginia site of the proposed luxury resort is one of the most important places on the East Coast for bald eagles, conservation officials say. The planned resort two hours from D.C. has angered land preservation advocates, wealthy property owners and researchers. (Photos)

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Los Angeles deputy describes rescuing newborn buried alive

The girl, estimated to be 24 to 36 hours old when she was found Friday, was healthy and in stable condition at a hospital.

Obama says parts of climate deal must be legally binding

Leaders of poor nations most affected by climate change are sharing their stories of global warming with leaders of some of the richest on Tuesday.

Scientists debate boundaries, ethics of human gene editing

Rewriting your DNA is getting closer to reality: A revolutionary technology is opening new frontiers for genetic engineering. However, it has sparked an ethical debate among scientists.

More prospective jurors questioned for Freddie Gray trial

A second set of 75 prospective jurors was due to be questioned in a Baltimore court for the first trial of a city police officer stemming from Freddie Gray’s death.

Quiet killer: The story of a drone pilot

In a new book, retired Air Force Lt. Col. Mark McCurley describes the life of a drone pilot and some of the strikes of his career.

7 ways to save time, money and stress this holiday season

While chasing the absolute lowest price might help fuel the adrenaline junkie, it can be an exhausting time drain for others. Here's a breakdown of how to get the best deals without all the stress.

Senator targets wasteful year-end government spending

Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., identified 100 examples of wasteful and fraudulent programs and processes.

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