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WTOP Beltway Poll: Pepco customers most dissatisfied

Pepco customers who lost power in the wake of the June 29 derecho are much more critical of their utility's performance than customers of other major utilities who were left in the dark, according to a new WTOP Beltway Poll.

Monday - 08/06/2012, 06:01am EDT

Tags: BGE, Heart+Mind Strategies, Dominion Virginia Power, Baltimore Gas and Electric, derecho, Pepco, mitchell miller,

WTOP Beltway Poll: Half in region see widespread abuse in federal gov't

Fifty-five percent of respondents believe there is widespread abuse in the federal government, according to the poll conducted by Heart+Mind Strategies between May 11 and May 18. Two- thirds of those polled, however, say their view of federal workers hasn't been further dampened by Secret Service agents soliciting prostitutes while on duty in Colombia or lavish spending at a General Services Administration conference in Las Vegas.

Wednesday - 05/30/2012, 08:36am EDT

Tags: federal workers, Secret Service

WTOP Beltway Poll: Obama leads Romney in DMV

There's now more evidence that Virginia could be a key battleground in the presidential race, and that the race could be a close one.

Tuesday - 05/29/2012, 08:38am EDT

Tags: George Allen, Barack obama, Mitt Romney, Tim Kaine, gay marriage

WTOP Poll: Pricey gas means vacation close to home

Nearly half of Washington-area residents say gas prices are still high enough to make them less likely to drive for a vacation or getaway, according to a WTOP Beltway Poll.

Friday - 05/25/2012, 05:05am EDT

Tags: commute, gas, gas prices

WTOP Beltway Poll: Traffic cameras are money machines

Nearly two-thirds of people in the Washington area believe the primary role of speed and red-light cameras is to create cash for local governments -- not to make roads safer.

Thursday - 05/24/2012, 05:51am EDT

Tags: traffic cameras

WTOP Beltway Poll: Most D.C. area residents are pro-growth

Most D.C. area residents are pro growth, and believe growth increases home values, according to a new WTOP Beltway Poll.

Saturday - 03/10/2012, 09:11am EST

Tags: growth, home values, Heart+Mind Strategies

WTOP Beltway Poll: 2/3 support wider highways

Nearly two-thirds of people in the Washington area believe highways in the region should be widened, and there also is very strong support for expanding mass transit, according to a WTOP Beltway Poll.

Monday - 03/05/2012, 07:46am EST

Tags: mitchell miller, sprawl & crawl, Metro, highways, mass transit

WTOP Beltway Poll: People believe region is heading in right direction

A new WTOP Beltway poll shows a sharp increase in the number of Washington-area residents who believe the area economy is improving and that the region is on the right track.

Friday - 03/02/2012, 05:58am EST

Tags: Heart+Mind Strategies, mitchell miller, economy

WTOP Beltway Poll: No tolls for transportation fixes

According to a new WTOP Beltway Poll, 52 percent of residents polled are against using tolls to pay for transportation fixes.

Thursday - 03/01/2012, 12:32pm EST

Tags: mitchell miller, Potomac River, bridge over Potomac River, Heart+Mind Strategies

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