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WTOP Beltway Poll: Half in region see widespread abuse in federal gov't

Fifty-five percent of respondents believe there is widespread abuse in the federal government, according to the poll conducted by Heart+Mind Strategies between May 11 and May 18. Two- thirds of those polled, however, say their view of federal workers hasn't been further dampened by Secret Service agents soliciting prostitutes while on duty in Colombia or lavish spending at a General Services Administration conference in Las Vegas.

Wednesday - 05/30/2012, 08:36am EDT

Tags: federal workers, Secret Service

WTOP Beltway Poll: Obama leads Romney in DMV

There's now more evidence that Virginia could be a key battleground in the presidential race, and that the race could be a close one.

Tuesday - 05/29/2012, 08:38am EDT

Tags: George Allen, Barack Obama, mitt romney, Tim Kaine, gay marriage

WTOP Poll: Pricey gas means vacation close to home

Nearly half of Washington-area residents say gas prices are still high enough to make them less likely to drive for a vacation or getaway, according to a WTOP Beltway Poll.

Friday - 05/25/2012, 05:05am EDT

Tags: commute, gas, gas prices

WTOP Beltway Poll: Traffic cameras are money machines

Nearly two-thirds of people in the Washington area believe the primary role of speed and red-light cameras is to create cash for local governments -- not to make roads safer.

Thursday - 05/24/2012, 05:51am EDT

Tags: traffic cameras

WTOP Beltway Poll: Most D.C. area residents are pro-growth

Most D.C. area residents are pro growth, and believe growth increases home values, according to a new WTOP Beltway Poll.

Saturday - 03/10/2012, 09:11am EST

Tags: growth, home values, Heart+Mind Strategies

WTOP Beltway Poll: 2/3 support wider highways

Nearly two-thirds of people in the Washington area believe highways in the region should be widened, and there also is very strong support for expanding mass transit, according to a WTOP Beltway Poll.

Monday - 03/05/2012, 07:46am EST

Tags: mitchell miller, sprawl & crawl, Metro, highways, mass transit

WTOP Beltway Poll: People believe region is heading in right direction

A new WTOP Beltway poll shows a sharp increase in the number of Washington-area residents who believe the area economy is improving and that the region is on the right track.

Friday - 03/02/2012, 05:58am EST

Tags: Heart+Mind Strategies, mitchell miller, economy

WTOP Beltway Poll: No tolls for transportation fixes

According to a new WTOP Beltway Poll, 52 percent of residents polled are against using tolls to pay for transportation fixes.

Thursday - 03/01/2012, 12:32pm EST

Tags: mitchell miller, Potomac River, bridge over Potomac River, Heart+Mind Strategies

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