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Survey: Who works on Thanksgiving?

If you're spending your Thanksgiving Day at the office, you're not alone, according to a survey.

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 06:01am EST

Tags: Thanksgiving, Bloomberg BNA, Sarah Beth Hensley

How much time do workers spend working? You might be surprised

Just because we've clocked in at work, that doesn't mean we're working.

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 05:30am EST

Tags: work productivity

7 ways to deal with a toxic co-worker

Don't let anyone bring down your workplace productivity or happiness.

Monday - 10/06/2014, 09:45am EDT

Tags: workplace

Study finds people check email an average of 74 times daily

A lot of people feel pressure to check their email even when they're not at work or on vacation.

Thursday - 06/19/2014, 07:36am EDT

Tags: Wall Street Journal, cellphone, emails, email

My boss is evil (and 10 other career excuses)

Calling the boss evil is often the go-to explanation for career dissatisfaction.

Friday - 05/16/2014, 08:46am EDT

Tags: job satisfaction

Mentally demanding jobs keep people smart past retirement

A mentally demanding job can be stressful. But, it could also keep people's minds sharp even after they retire.

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 01:14pm EDT

Tags: job, brain, education, Kristi King

Tired tips: Don't dwell on exhaustion

Some people will spend the weekend catching up on sleep because they feel beat during the week. But there are other strategies to boost energy.

Saturday - 03/22/2014, 07:55am EDT

Tags: sleep, Health

Study: 'Boring' tasks are the best part of the job

Researchers found that while workers say they like to be challenged by difficult tasks, they really felt happiest when taking on the mundane chores.

Monday - 03/10/2014, 05:17am EDT

Tags: business, workers,

Zebra on the highway and other excuses for being late to work

An annual CareerBuilder survey spells out some of the more creative excuses people gave for being tardy.

Thursday - 02/20/2014, 01:06pm EST

Tags: excuses for being late, late to work, employees, late excuses


Ever feel stuck at work because the boss is still there?

It's a common problem in demanding fields, but there's a way to handle it if you just want to go home.

Thursday - 02/20/2014, 05:01am EST

Tags: work hours, Megan Cloherty, Wall Street Journal

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