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How to browse the Internet when Wi-Fi stinks

Data Doctors' Ken Colburn has tips on browsing the web when the wireless network is less than speedy.

Monday - 11/10/2014, 04:28am EST

Tags: Ken Colburn, Data Doctors, Wi-Fi

Getting and using free Wi-Fi in the D.C. area

Where to find free, reliable Wi-Fi connections in the D.C. area as well as some of the more outside-the-box options.

Monday - 07/14/2014, 03:13pm EDT

Tags: Wi-Fi, internet, wireless, Kimberly Van Santos, Yelp D.C., Yelp, Sarah Beth Hensley

Understanding your home's WiFi router

There is an alphabet soup of wireless routers out there. Ken Colburn of the Data Doctors spells out whether a more expensive one equals more speed.

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 12:22pm EDT

Tags: Ken Colburn, Data Doctors, Wi-Fi

Comcast adds 3,800 Wi-Fi hot spots in Washington region

Non-Comcast customers can use the hot spots for free until July 4.

Monday - 06/10/2013, 12:42pm EDT

Tags: Comcast, Wi-Fi

How cyberthieves snag your info at Wi-Fi hotspots

Hackers are everywhere. Users of public Wi-Fi hotspots need to know some of their tricks, in order to stay safe.

Monday - 04/29/2013, 03:50pm EDT

Tags: cyber-crime, Wi-Fi, Nick Iannelli, Virtual Private Network

NYC pay phone kiosks get free Wi-Fi

New York City has launched a pilot program in which pay phones kiosks become free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Friday - 07/13/2012, 04:14am EDT

Tags: Andrew Mollenbeck, New York, Wi-Fi, pay phone

Bethany Beach increasing Wi-Fi access this summer

Visitors to Bethany Beach this summer will be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi access in the boardwalk area and on the beach.

Monday - 04/30/2012, 11:03am EDT

Tags: Bethany Beach, Wi-Fi