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Civil War Trust debuts 2nd Manassas Battle app

The Civil War Trust is rolling out a new battle app to mark the 150th anniversary of the Second Battle of Manassas.

Tuesday - 08/28/2012, 03:24am EDT

Tags: Manassas, battle of manassas app,

Why can't people disconnect on vacation?

The answer may have to do with the central nervous system.

Thursday - 07/19/2012, 06:39am EDT

Tags: vacation, Randi Martin,

Apps act as bodyguards

MyForce, SecuraFone, StreetSafe and bSafe are all apps designed to give people mobile protection and peace of mind on their iPhones, Blackberrys or Android-based phones.

Wednesday - 07/11/2012, 09:54am EDT

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Arlington National Cemetery to release smartphone app

This fall Arlington National Cemetery will have a new smartphone app to help families find loved ones buried there.

Saturday - 06/09/2012, 08:11am EDT

Tags: Arlington National Cemetery, app, Major Nicholas Miller, Max Smith

Smartphone key to right now decisions

A Pew Internet Project study shows 70 percent of all cellphone users and 86 percent of all smartphone users have gathered information and performed real-time tasks with their mobile device.

Tuesday - 05/08/2012, 07:23am EDT

Tags: cell phones, Neal Augenstein,

New microchip knows where you are -- exactly where you are

A new smartphone technology may be able to pinpoint a location to the centimeter.

Friday - 04/13/2012, 04:19am EDT

Tags: Broadcom, technology review, GPS, cell phone

Non-smartphone users soon in the minority

For the first time ever, more people own phones with apps and Internet access than other types of cellphones.

Friday - 03/02/2012, 08:41am EST

Tags: pew research center, Pew study, cellphone, Hank Silverberg

What your smartphone says about you

Whether you choose to talk on an iPhone or an Android says something about your personality, a new survey shows.

Tuesday - 01/17/2012, 06:18am EST

Tags: iphone, Android, study, optimistic, pessimistic

New apps: Meet your mate, then cheat on them

It's a good time for the social media savvy to be making moves. Two new apps make it easier to meet your partner, then cheat on them.

Friday - 07/01/2011, 04:20am EDT

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