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She's cold, he's hot; it's all about mass

The stereotypical couple with a freezing wife and an overheated husband might not be just a coincidence.

Friday - 08/30/2013, 08:14am EDT

Tags: Rosemary Frisino Toohey, marriage, couples, Wall Street Journal

Steering girls toward STEM: Statistics and solutions

Women are significantly underrepresented in one of the fastest growing job sectors in the U.S. Experts say parents and teachers need to support girls' interest in math and science at a young age.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 09:14am EDT

Tags: math, STEM, career, college, Women, work, Rachel Nania

Introducing science to kids: Fun activities and developmental milestones

Incorporating scientific methods and processes into young people's daily lives can be as easy as collecting rocks or playing in sand. But teaching kids about science shouldn't be taken so lightly -- it's as important as teaching them the alphabet.

Wednesday - 05/22/2013, 07:40am EDT

Tags: Children, project, Alex Beall, national children museum, National Child Research Center, play, learning

'Stardust' animation shows moving, artistic space scenes

There is a captivating, powerful beauty in the intersection of science and art.

Monday - 02/04/2013, 10:18am EST

Tags: space, stardust, Heather Brady,

UVa aims to boost female faculty in sciences

The University of Virginia is preparing to launch a program aimed at increasing the number of female faculty members in science and social science fields.

Monday - 02/04/2013, 04:51am EST

Tags: UVa, Charlottesville,

Ugly animals get their day in the spotlight

Slimy, scaly or darn right ugly animals don't draw visitors to zoos and they physical characteristics make it tough to rally support to protect these critters from extinction.

Tuesday - 11/20/2012, 01:53pm EST

Tags: animals, conservation programs, environment, endangered animals The how's and why's of the world

It's an age-old question: How does that work? One website hopes to answer that and thousands of other burning questions.

Wednesday - 08/08/2012, 04:17am EDT

Tags: HowStuffWorks, lacey mason, website of the week

Beautiful sky show underway

The skies are supposed to be clear Monday, so swing by the George Mason University Observatory for Public Night at 6:45 p.m.

Sunday - 02/19/2012, 07:02pm EST

Tags: Space Place, Greg Redfern,

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