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Marion Barry: Twitter remark about park service inappropriate

D.C. Councilmember Marion Barry says he did not personally send tweets from his account criticizing the National Park Service about a Rock Creek Park deer hunt.

Friday - 03/29/2013, 06:20am EDT

Tags: Marion Barry, D.C. Council, National Park Service, deer hunt, Rock Creek Park

NPS: Safety is top priority in Rock Creek deer hunt

The shooting and killing of deer in Rock Creek Park will resume Friday evening, with safety as the top priority.

Friday - 03/29/2013, 04:26am EDT

Tags: Rock Creek Park, deer dilemma, Michelle Basch, deer hunt, contraception

Controlled deer hunt begins in Rock Creek Park

As the controlled deer hunt in Rock Creek Park begins Wednesday night, temporary nighttime road closures will go into effect to protect park visitors and neighbors.

Thursday - 03/28/2013, 01:27am EDT

Tags: Rock Creek Park, deer, deer hunt, deer dilemma, National Park Service


Judge dismisses lawsuit seeking to halt Rock Creek Park deer hunt

A federal judge has turned down an effort by opponents to stop a planned deer hunt in Rock Creek Park.

Thursday - 03/14/2013, 08:28pm EDT

Tags: Rock Creek Park, deer hunt

Herbicide sprayed on invasive Rock Creek Park plants raises concerns

Hikers in D.C.'s Rock Creek Park are seeing warning signs and blue patches of ground where the National Park Service is using a herbicide to on the invasive fig buttercup, a plant that sprouts yellow flowers.

Thursday - 03/14/2013, 05:19am EDT

Tags: darci marchese, Rock Creek Park, herbicide

Woman found under bridge in Rock Creek Parkway has died

A woman found unconscious near Rock Creek Parkway early Saturday morning has died.

Saturday - 03/09/2013, 01:29pm EST

Tags: Massachusetts Avenue, Rock Creek, Rock Creek Park, death

Deer Dilemma postscript: Md. spay program shows alternative

After rolling out the series "Deer Dilemma" about the National Park Service's plan to shoot deer in Rock Creek Park, WTOP heard from a group in Maryland that's been sterilizing deer as an alternative to killing them.

Friday - 03/08/2013, 07:44am EST

Tags: deer dilemma, spay, deer, Rock Creek Park, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Deer Dilemma Part 5: Car crashes and feeding the hungry

Car accidents and what's done with deer meat are topics related to the proposed Rock Creek Park deer hunt.

Wednesday - 03/06/2013, 01:14pm EST

Tags: Michelle Basch, Rock Creek Park, deer dilemma, deer hunt


Deer Dilemma Part 4: The contraception question

The National Park Service considered the possibility of using contraception to control the deer population in Rock Creek Park, but decided it was not the best choice right now.

Tuesday - 03/05/2013, 12:01pm EST

Tags: deer dilemma, Michelle Basch, Rock Creek Park, deer hunt


Deer Dilemma Part 3: 'It's not a Walt Disney movie'

The National Park Service says its plan to hunt deer in Rock Creek Park to reduce their population will be done as humanely as possible.

Tuesday - 03/05/2013, 06:20am EST

Tags: Michelle Basch, deer dilemma, Rock Creek Park, deer kill, National Park Service

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