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Making a modern marriage work

Couples mediator and author Laurie Puhn says marriage is more complicated than ever, but the basics - communication and attention - always work.

Friday - 02/21/2014, 09:14am EST

Tags: Laurie Puhn, marriage,


Text, hug, tweet: How the Internet impacts relationships

Cellphones, the Internet and social media have become staples in today's fast-paced, technology-fueled world. But how does digital technology fit into the relationships of many Americans?

Wednesday - 02/12/2014, 10:22am EST

Tags: Internet, social media, PEW,

Study: Childless couples happier together than those with kids

A new study out of England finds that couples without children are more content with their relationship and partner than couples with children.

Friday - 01/17/2014, 04:57am EST

Tags: parenting, marriage, The Open University

Survey: Men's friends have bad effect on their relationships

It turns out that bromance and romance don't always mix.

Saturday - 12/14/2013, 01:16pm EST

Tags: randi martin,

Are you in a toxic relationship?

Some people in your life just need to be cut loose - and the sooner, the better.

Saturday - 08/10/2013, 09:41am EDT

Tags: randi martin, relationship, Kanika Tolver

Rekindling romance with a love drug

Relationships may need a little boost every once in a while, and pharmaceutical companies think they may have the answer.

Saturday - 08/03/2013, 01:18pm EDT

Tags: randi martin, romance, love drug, oxytocin,

Smartphone app sends breakup texts for you

A new smartphone app will compose your breakup text for you.

Tuesday - 07/30/2013, 08:31am EDT

Tags: break ups by text, breakup, Breakup Text app, apps,


Relationships provide a lot more than love

The butterflies in your stomach aren't the only thing you'll acquire when you're in a relationship. You'll also get a healthy boost of self-esteem.

Saturday - 07/27/2013, 09:35am EDT

Tags: randi martin, Psychological Science, relationship,

Is Facebook ruining your relationship?

Get off Facebook if you want your relationship to last. A new study suggests it could be ruining your relationship.

Saturday - 07/20/2013, 06:26am EDT

Tags: randi martin, Facebook, Russell Clayton, research, Dr. Sheri Meyers

View from Venus: It's the money, honey

What causes couples to stress out? Number one is money, according to the 2012 Stress in America survey.

Sunday - 03/31/2013, 07:48am EDT

Tags: stress, money, work, economy, American Psychological Association, view from venus

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