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Gridlock's grind may affect political participation

How much you commute and how much money you make may affect your level of civic participation and your level of political apathy, a new study finds.

Wednesday - 09/25/2013, 11:10am EDT

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Listen Politicians' deleted tweets

Not all deleted tweets are as self-maligning as Weiner's and not all politicians who make Twitter slip-ups are as high-profile, but a website launched last May aims to collect them all going forward.

Wednesday - 01/09/2013, 07:13am EST

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Red genes, blue genes?

We're not talking about fashion or the color of your eyes. Can your DNA pre-determine whether you will vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? New research suggests that it may play a big role in your ballot box choices.

Tuesday - 11/06/2012, 02:07pm EST

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Va., Md. governors debate presidential election

The governors of Virginia and Maryland clashed over Medicare and taxes as they debated presidential politics again on national television.

Sunday - 08/19/2012, 03:11pm EDT

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Americans fed up with political process

A new poll finds a majority think the election process isn't working and the candidates aren't proposing good ideas.

Tuesday - 12/20/2011, 06:17am EST

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