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New procedure relieves concussion-related headaches

Dr. Ivan Ducic is pioneering what some consider a radical idea to treat post-concussion headaches caused by nerve damage. His approach is a new twist on an existing procedure used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

Monday - 05/20/2013, 09:26am EDT

Tags: concussion, concussions, Paula Wolfson, surgery, Hollie Byer, Dr. Kevin Crutchfield, Dr. Ivan Ducic

Job-hunt tips for new graduates

At this time of year, a whole new crop of college graduates will be created.

Sunday - 05/19/2013, 03:30pm EDT

Tags: Janet Bodnar, Paula Wolfson, kiplinger, personal finances

Increasing the likelihood of faulty medical device reporting with new app

Got a problem with a medical device, drug, or vaccine? Now, there's an app for that.

Friday - 05/17/2013, 09:06am EDT

Tags: Paula Wolfson, medical app, MedWatcher, fda, medical devices, drugs, Doug Wood

Living in Style: Finding the right swimsuit

Style for Hire's Lisa Tumbarello offers tips on finding the perfect swimsuit for your body this summer.

Wednesday - 05/15/2013, 11:51am EDT

Tags: Living in Style, summer, swimsuits, swim, bathing suit, Lisa Tumbarello, Style for Hire, Paula Wolfson, Rachel Nania

More women opt for mastectomies to beat cancer odds

They look healthy. But more and more women are getting mastectomies to counter a hidden risk.

Tuesday - 05/14/2013, 04:00pm EDT

Tags: Paula Wolfson, breast cancer, mastectomy, BRCA1, BRCA2, gene, gene mutation, Angelina Jolie, Dr. Eleni Tousimis

Preventing and treating poison ivy

It's the time of year when everyone starts heading outside. And it is also the time of year when doctors see an uptick in poison ivy cases.

Monday - 05/13/2013, 07:21am EDT

Tags: poison ivy, Paula Wolfson, gardening, spring, Mike McGrath, garden plot, Howard Brooks, georgetown

D.C. judge promotes stroke awareness through personal experience

A local top judge is speaking out about the day his staff defied his orders -- and saved his brain.

Friday - 05/10/2013, 02:23pm EDT

Tags: National Stroke Awareness, Paula Wolfson, stroke, judge, D.C. Superior Court, Lee Satterfield

Living in Style: Dressing for interview success

Style for Hire's Lisa Tumbarello offers advice for dressing appropriately for an interview, as well as how to use those pieces later for the work place once you've landed the job.

Wednesday - 05/08/2013, 11:12am EDT

Tags: Style for Hire, Lisa Tumbarello, Living in Style, fashion, Style, interview, workplace, Paula Wolfson, Alex Beall

Doctors: Healthy diet can ward off Alzheimer's

Brain food isn't just about powering through a test or a grueling day at work. Doctors say certain healthy foods can also help ward off Alzheimer's disease.

Wednesday - 05/08/2013, 10:53am EDT

Tags: brain, diet, Paula Wolfson, Alzheimer


Researchers studying why college kids get the mumps

The outbreaks at area college campuses are part of a national pattern and researchers are trying to determine why college students are at risk for a childhood disease.

Friday - 05/03/2013, 03:10pm EDT

Tags: vaccinations, mumps, Childrens National Medical Center, University of Richmond, James Madison University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Loyola University, Paula Wolfson

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