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What the NHL mumps scare means for sports and vaccines

In one of the strangest sports stories of the year, a mumps outbreak has run rampant through the National Hockey League.

Wednesday - 12/17/2014, 02:17am EST

Tags: mumps, Sidney Crosby, nhl, Dr. Matt McCarthy, Noah Frank

Your complete guide to the bowl season

With the college football bowl season nearly upon us, read up on the details and background behind every matchup this year.

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 03:05am EST

Tags: college football, college football playoff, Noah Frank, bowl games

A basketball legend reaches 500 wins

Sidwell Friends girls basketball coach Anne Renninger quietly and painstakingly reached a milestone career victory last week.

Wednesday - 12/10/2014, 03:21am EST

Tags: sidwell friends, Anne Renninger, high school basketball, Noah Frank

Cricket looks to gain foothold in D.C.

Often considered a niche, foreign sport, cricket has found a home in Loudoun County to inspire the next generation.

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 04:19pm EST

Tags: cricket, Alvin Kallicharran, Wicket Club, Noah Frank


The problem with the College Football Playoff

At long last, we have our four-team College Football Playoff selections. Agree or disagree with the picks, there are issues with how we got there.

Monday - 12/08/2014, 03:11am EST

Tags: college football playoff, BCS, Noah Frank

Will healthy tailgating fly with sports fans?

Tailgating has expanded beyond the traditional grill fare, but will serious tailgaters buy in to a healthier approach?

Friday - 12/05/2014, 03:59am EST

Tags: Football, tailgating, healthy eating, Noah Frank

The Nationals' Bryce Harper quandary

After never coming to a resolution four years ago, Bryce Harper and the Nationals are on track for a potentially contentious hearing.

Thursday - 12/04/2014, 11:37am EST

Tags: Noah Frank, Washington Nationals, Bryce Harper

Why do we list the home team last?

It has become the norm in American sports, but what is the history behind the practice?

Wednesday - 12/03/2014, 11:24am EST

Tags: Noah Frank, sports history, Elias Sports Bureau, National Baseball Hall of Fame

The Redskins' quarterback problem

The rotating door of Washington quarterbacks has shown us that the problem is not really a quarterback problem at all.

Tuesday - 12/02/2014, 02:32am EST

Tags: Washington Redskins, Colt McCoy, RG3, Robert Griffin III, Noah Frank

NFL player trades playbook for grade books

Former NFL player Ricardo Silva turned in his pads to pursue his true passion, as a teacher and role model for the next generation

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 03:04am EST

Tags: NFL, Ballou High School, Teach for America, Ricardo Silva, Noah Frank

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