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NFL Week 13 recap: When life hits hard

The 2012 NFL season has seemed especially difficult. For the second time this season, something serious has forced us all to stop and take inventory of life outside the white lines.

Tuesday - 12/04/2012, 07:41am EST

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NFL Week 12 recap: Giving thanks for ... Donovan McNabb?

Thanksgiving is over, and even though we're done with the leftovers and our relatives have left the guest room (if they haven't, you have my sympathy), there's still a lot for which to be thankful.

Tuesday - 11/27/2012, 08:28am EST

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NFL Week 10 recap: Tie-game travesty

When the NFL announced before the season started that the overtime rules for playoff games would now apply to regular season games, I cringed. The thing I hate most about football would have a chance to rear its ugly head more often: Tie games.

Tuesday - 11/13/2012, 05:29am EST

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Week 9 NFL recap: A glance back at the season's first half

Week 9 of the NFL is here. WTOP's Rob Woodfork takes a look back at the first half of the NFL season. He looks at who's who's good, who's bad, who's contending and who's pretending.

Tuesday - 11/06/2012, 06:40am EST

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NFL Week 4 recap: Welcome back, refs and Redskins

Tuesday - 10/02/2012, 07:51am EDT

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Blog: NFL Week 2 recap -- Cold reality without league refs

In my NFL preview, I said one of the storylines to watch this year would be the on-going referee lockout. In Week 1, it didn't really register on a national level because the replacement refs didn't really effect the outcome of games in a major way. In Week 2, they did.

Tuesday - 09/18/2012, 01:25pm EDT


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